Opera in two acts. Showcase première at English National Opera studio, 2014, directed by Elaine Tyler Hall.

After ten years in Austria, Carina returns to Romania to seek out her daughter, Liza, who was taken away from her when she was a baby. She meets again Anton, the man by whom she had the child. She eventually finds that one of Anton’s daughters is indeed Liza, whom Anton has rescued from an orphanage, but the child is hostile to Carina, and Anton cannot speak of the relationship, fearing it will destroy his own relationship with his daughter. He asks Carina to marry him, and she has to choose between living with this lie and losing her daughter again.

See libretto, casting and orchestration here.

Listen to extracts from the showcase:

Act 1, scene 3 (libretto page 11)

Act 2, scene 5 (libretto page 28)

Watch Carina’s monologue, Act 1, scene 4 (libretto page 12)

Watch Carina’s final scene, Act 2, scene 5 (libretto page 30)

sung by Rachel Hynes Carina, Peter van Hulle Şerban, Clare Presland Elena/offstage voice

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