Solo vocal and songs

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Unless otherwise indicated, songs are with piano accompaniment and are available in different transpositions

Ave Maria for  soprano/tenor solo, with organ and solo violin or flute or cello. See score here for version with violin/flute, see here for version with cello.

A sort of man (Fiona Shaw), 2008

Prière pour aller au Paradis avec les Ânes (Francis Jammes), 2005

Woefully arrayed
Cantata for baritone and strings, also available with piano accompaniment (Anon. 15th cent.), 2004

It is in us they burn (Kathleen Raine) with string quartet, 2004

Hosanna to the Son of David
Solo anthem for soprano or tenor and organ, 2004

The May Magnificat (Gerard Manley Hopkins)
for soprano, oboe and piano; or for mezzo-soprano, clarinet and piano, 2001

Three songs of Robert Bridges, 2000:
Love on my heart from heaven fell
I climb the mossy bank
My delight and thy delight

A Cradle Song (William Blake), 2000

Redbreast (Emily Bronte) Winner of the English Poetry and Song Society Competition, 1999

There should be no despair (Emily Bronte), 1999

I look not for love that is a dream (Christina Rossetti), 1999

To a rose (Edmund Waller), 1997

Five Shakespeare songs, 1996:
O mistress mine
Come away, death
Under the greenwood tree
Full fathom five
Where the bee sucks, there suck I

Song (“Oh! Love,” they said’) (Rupert Brooke), 1994

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